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SmartFloor™ Maintenance System

Advantages of the Smartfloor™ Maintenance System

SmartFloor™ Features

What can you expect when you purchase Ameripolish's SmartFloor Maintenance products?

Easy to see color-coded system allows for identification of pad while it is on the machine
Wear indicator shows color through the bottom of the pad to indicate when it's time for a replacement pad
Innovative and patented composite resin technology
Compatible with most auto-scrubbers and floor machines
Support offered to maintenance personnel throughout the life of the floor
Available in sizes: 13", 14", 16", 17", 18", 20"

Two Pads, Two Purposes

Blue Daily Maintenance Pads improve aesthetics through daily maintenance.
Orange Light Restoration Pads restore stained or dull, worn out floors back to a sustainable aesthetic.

The SmartFloor™ Difference

See for yourself what a difference the SmartFloor™ Maintenance System can make!

Measuring DOI
SmartFloor™ Maintenance outperforms it's competition the first time it touches the floor. Competitor products actually deteriorate DOI measurements the more they run on the surface. With each use, SmartFloor™ pads will maintain and even increase DOI measurements, resulting in improved light reflectivity over time and a better appearance of your floors.
Compare DOI Measurements
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What is DOI?

We use DOI testing on SmartFloor™ polished concrete floors. This provides a quantifiable measurement of the clarity of the polished surface.
Results You Can See
Click or tap the image below to view actual Before and After photos demonstrating how effective SmartFloor™ Maintenance can be.

The SmartFloor™ Process

How easy is it to use the SmartFloor™ Maintenance System?
Our instructional videos and step-by-step guides can walk you through it.

Daily Maintenance


Take the SmartFloor™ Daily Maintenance Pad and attach the pad to the auto-scrubber with the correct side up, and abrasive side pointed towards the floor.

Fill auto-scrubber with Ameripolish® Rejuvenating Cleaner which contains an a antimicrobial protection component, in fll tank at proper ratio which can be found on the Ameripolish® Rejuvenating Cleaner’s TDS.

Using Rejuvenating Cleaner is recommended but not required.

Clean the floor with the auto-scrubber as usual working wall to wall and not only main traffic areas.

For best results, the auto-scrubber movement should be roughly the equivalent to a walk.

Light Restoration


Always attempt the “Daily” procedure for light restoration or spot repair first.

If light restoration or spot repair is not removed with Daily procedure, remove the SmartFloor™ Daily Maintenance Pad and install the SmartFloor™ Restoration Pad.

Make a minimum of 6 or more “passes” with the autoscrubber with the SmartFloor™ Restoration Pad.

This can be done all at one time or over the course of several days/weeks or until the floor reaches the desired finish level.

When the light restoration or spot repair is restored, install the Daily Maintenance Pad back onto the Driver Head and then return to following the “Daily” Procedure.