What is DOI?

DOI stands for Distinctness of Image. DOI Testing measures the deviation of light by scattering. The more scattering that is experienced, the more hazy and blurred the reflection appears.

Why Do We Measure DOI?

We use DOI testing on SmartFloor polished concrete floors. This provides us with a quantifiable measurement of the clarity of the polished surface.

This method of testing is especially valuable to our customers because it gives them the truest measurement of surface refinement. DOI results cannot be replicated through the use of a false sealer, or a false polish.

ASTM D5767: Standard Test Methods for Instrumental Measurement of Distinctness-of-Image Gloss of Coating Surfaces

SmartFloor Maintenance System Vs. Competitors

SmartFloor Maintenance outperforms it's competition the first time it touches the floor. Competitor products actually deteriorate DOI measurements the more they run on the surface. With each use, SmartFloor pads will maintain and even increase DOI measurements, resulting in improved light reflectivity over time and a better appearance of your floors.

So how does SmartFloor™ Maintenance compare to the competition? You decide!