Polishing Machines

Full Polish Process

Turn an old, failed floor into a modern masterpiece with the SmartFloor™ Refinement System

The Process In Action

Follow These Steps To Bring Out the Best In Your Floors

All steps of the SmartFloor Refinement System are run wet. No dust, so facilities can can remain open during the day while floor/aisle rejuvenation is completed overnight.


Prepare With #00

Floor installers using the SmartFloor Refinement System will first grind the concrete with the #00 step


Apply Grout Coat

Apply PG-7K grout coat if needed



Densify with 3D HS Densifier to strengthen floor


Perform Tool Steps

Tool steps #0, #1, #2, and #3 should now be completed


Apply Color -- Optional

You can now elect to apply Classic or SureLock™ dye and ColorSolve™ to introduce any color into the floor, or leave the concrete at it's natural color


Apply Sealer

After the floor has been thoroughly cleaned and found to be free of dust and debris, installation contractors should apply the Ameripolish® SR2™ PLUS™ fully penetrating sealer


Burnish -- Optional

After SR2™ PLUS™ has been applied, the installation contractor should burnish with our G3 burnishing pads

SmartFloor Continues With You

What makes the SmartFloor™ Refinement System different? After installation, the same "composite resin abrasive" technology that installed the floor will be handed off in the form of a maintenance system fitted for automatic scrubbers to the floor owner.

The SmartFloor System continues to keep your floors in amazing condition.

Learn More about SmartFloor Maintenance

Products In This System

SmartFloor Refinement System Abrasives

Pads for the SmartFloor Refinement System feature truly groundbreaking composite resin abrasive patented technology. Custom GPR rings come in a variety of sizes, and are easily installable with velcro head attachments.

Densify at Installation - 3D HS™

The benefits of using 3D HS™ Hybrid Silicate Densifier are three-fold:

  • improves surface performance
  • tightens the surface for polishing
  • helps to make the surface resistant to the harmful effects of traffic wear and weathering, as well as dust-proofing.

Vibrant Color - Classic Dye

  • Solvent-based mixes with Ameripolish® ColorSolve and is VOC compliant.
  • Colors penetrate the surface and never wear off.
  • Will not grind off during resin-grinding stages of polished concrete.

Protection From Within - SR2™ PLUS

Ameripolish® SR2™ PLUS is a penetrating stain-resistant sealer specifcally formulated to protect polished, dyed, and exposed concrete from:

  • oil
  • water-based stains
  • acidic etching agents

In independent testing, the SR2™ PLUS sealer has outlasted other products on the market for its superior stain resistance qualities.